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About Us

Providence Canada Inc is one of the leading Bell Certified Partners. We are proud of what we have achieved with Bell. The key to our success has been our ability to make change work for us.

Our vision is to be:

  • a provincial and country wide model
  • a viable business entity
  • a caring organization meeting telecommunication needs through total customer care.

Bell is one of the largest employers in the country employing close to 50,000 Canadians. The company’s operations are a source of employment for communication center operators and agents who retail the Canadian telecommunication services

As the industry leader, we provide the country’s telecommunication infrastructure which serves as the backbone for economic growth and development.

Accessibility of telecommunication services nationwide enhances the decentralization process of government activities, especially with regards to grassroots participation.

The provision of Providence Canada enhanced telecommunication services with Bell (i.e. internet, Voice, VOIP, Data, Collaboration, Securities, Wireless.) promotes the business of corporate institutions and small businesses in Canada.

The availability of telecommunication infrastructure serves as an essential ingredient to support the business of potential investors.

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